GSM Activate 3G Gate Opener 240V

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Product Description

GSM Activate 3G Gate Opener 240V

The GSM Electric Gate Opener (240v) incorporates a professional industrial grade GSM engine. This GSM technology receives calls at its SIM number, as any ordinary GSM phone.

For Example: If your SIM number is 07123 456789, this is what you call to open the gate. The GSM Gate Opener (240v) also has a memory capacity of up to fifty numbers.

The Gate Opener (240v) has worldwide capabilities. It operates using quadband frequency as well as connecting to either the 2G network.


  • IP65 rated enclosure – ideal for inside or outside instalations
  • Simply dial the simcard within the unit to open your electric gates/garage doors
  • Text for pedestrian access or to keep gate open
  • You can plug straight into your mains
  • Sim Active function
  • Tested in high heat and freezing weather conditions
  • Dimension: L150 x W90 x D45mm
  • Quadband frequency 850, 900, 1800, 1900mhz
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