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VARIA System GmbH not only takes care of the distribution of specialized solutions and the corresponding support, but also offers more extensive services to all customers.

Aside from the daily import and export business, these services include a trouble-free returns management, just-in-time delivery and forecast management.

Semi-automatic storage processes enable the company to pick, pack and deliver orders as soon as possible.

The dynamics of online trading and fluctuating trading currencies also necessitate the continued optimization of functions and processes. For this purpose, VARIA continuously invests in new platforms and interface developments.

The selection and optimization of sales and distribution channels represents another essential task in improving the quality of our business relations.
Fulfillment Service
Storage of Your Goods, Direct Import of Order Data and Bulk Shipment
As a fulfillment provider, VARIA guarantees fully optimized processes from the reception of goods to the handling of returns. These are advantages that are used for instance by e-commerce companies in the B2C and B2B sector, as well as trading companies.

VARIA realizes the entire inventory and order management. Using the fulfillment service, you will achieve substantial savings on fixed storage and staff costs, as well as time-consuming logistics operations.

From the storage of your goods to the direct import of order data to the bulk shipment of products and product samples, we implement the specific delivery guidelines of the recipient, label deliveries according to requirements and announce them for you.
Forecast Management
the ideal service for your demand management
For a reliable price calculation and planning security, VARIA offers you the possibility to place forecasts.

They can be created in either the trading currency EUR or USD. As our purchasing conditions are stable and reliably negotiated on these two trading currencies, we can provide a solid basis for calculations.

With forecasts, you can not only plan your projects securely, but also prevent capacity bottlenecks and delays in delivery. In this respect, VARIA offers the ideal service for your demand management.
Availability Guarantee
Guaranteed fast delivery of original devices
By means of our Spare Part Service (SPS), VARIA can guarantee continuous availability - for every part and all over the world.

A missing spare part can lead to the failure of an entire network and cause considerable financial damages to the provider. With our globally available Spare Part Service, VARIA guarantees a quick delivery of original devices to the deployment site.

Aside from the delivery, our logistics experts also take care of transportation, customs clearance, storage, order management, spare part management, as well as logistics planning and management.
Leasing and Financing
Your Business in Focus
That is why we offer financial services that are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. All over Europe! Because we also want to be your reliable partner in matters of financing or leasing.

We are able to provide this through our in-house financial services as well as through our partners.

VARIA offers small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to lease or finance modern, usually cost-intensive IT equipment instead of purchasing it outright - even if you only have a small investment volume and always at fair terms.

You can be sure that our service will meet your needs and requirements. We act independently of manufacturers and banks to offer our partners and clients maximum planning flexibility for their projects.

VARIA provides equipment financing for products with a net selling price starting at € 500. That way, also small and medium-sized businesses can stay up to date with the latest technology.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions. Our staff will be happy to help you.
Tax-Free Shopping
The VARIA TAX-FREE Service provides the opportunity for costumers from countries outside the European Union to easily get a refund of the value-added tax paid on goods purchased in our store.

Furthermore, corporate customers from the European Union have the opportunity to complete their purchase free of tax already during the ordering process.

More informations about Tax-Free shopping
Shop securely
certified by Händlerbund
With the Käufersiegel and Ecommerce Trustmarks, VARIA offers you
- Secure shopping in our tested and certified shop
- Compliance with legal quality criteria
- Purchase price protection via selected payment methods

In times of data misuse and unreliability, we guarantee seriousness and compliance with European consumer standards.

Internet quality seals as a guide for your online shopping
With the Käufersiegel quality seal, we fulfill a multitude of criteria that are existential for a secure purchase.

The quality seal shows you that you are shopping in a legally compliant and trustworthy shop and that we can offer you a positive shopping experience.

Buyer protection – always on the safe side
With the support of recognized payment methods and providers, we offer you a simple and reliable online payment including buyer protection

For questions about buyer protection or the Käufersiegel and Ecommerce Trustmarks, please use our contact form.
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