The Varia-Store premium program

Our new Premium Program is aimed at companies and resellers and offers an attractive discount scale as well as individual agreements in terms of purchasing and settlement processes.

Customers with the customer status Reseller automatically participate in the Premium Program and do not need to submit any further documents or enter additional information in their customer account.

Business customers can already benefit from the discount of the Premium Program with a semi-annual turnover of 5,000 Euros or more. In the VARIA Store, you can thus achieve discounts of up to 30% **.


Here is how the Premium Program works
Resellers automatically participate in the PP and receive their discount status based on their monthly sales at the end of the month. All purchases from the VARIA store of the past 6 months will be considered.

Starting with a quantity of 1, you already benefit from the activated bulk price group. Example: the standard price of an article is 50 EUR and with a quantity of 20 or more, it is only 45 EUR. By reaching the Bronze status, you can order the item already with a quantity of 1 for 45 EUR only.

The bulk price group will be calculated on the basis of this turnover. The analysis of your purchase volume takes place on the last day of each calendar month. The bulk price groups of the Premium Program are based on the following sales targets
  • from 2.000 EUR net sales - bulk price group 10 (Copper)
  • from 4.000 EUR net sales - bulk price group 20 (Bronze)
  • from 7.500 EUR net sales - bulk price group 50 (Silver)
  • from 12.000 EUR net sales - bulk price group 200 (Gold)
  • from 25.000 EUR net sales - bulk price group 500 (Platinum)
Your overview of the evaluation period
You can find a detailed list of your turnover/purchases in your customer account under My customer status. A brief overview of the relevant orders provides a complete overview of the evaluation period.
Activation of the discount status
With the analysis of your turnover, the discount scale is activated immediately according to the turnover targets listed above. Your status applies until the next evaluation date at the end of the calendar month.

* Credit purchases and shipping costs are not considered as turnover and are therefore not taken into account. Cancellations and returns will be deducted.
** Calculated in comparison with the standard customer account and discounted credit purchases, depending on the respective article.
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