Bitlomat BTLM200-EU, 5 GHz CPE Bridge, 90° Sector 20.5 dBi antenna

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Product Description

Bitlomat BTLM200-EU, 5GHz CPE Bridge, 90° Sector 20.5 dBi antenna

The Bitlomat 200 is a compact and cost-effective wireless access point with an embedded 90 degree wide dual-polarized sector antenna with a gain of 20.5 dbi. The product is designed specifically to be a 2x2 MIMO base station in a point-to-multipoint network.

Bitlomat 200, designed with an integrated dual-polarized 2X2 MIMO sector antenna, significantly improves both performance and ease of installation compared to solutions where the wireless device and sector antennas are two separate products that need to be put together. The removal of any connectors and antenna cables significantly reduces losses, increasing the gain and therefore the range of the device. At the same time, no cables means reducing the potential points of failure with the product.

The Bitlomat 200 has been designed with a metal cast enclosure to minimize co-location interference that typically reduces significantly the performance of networks where multiple base-stations are installed nearby on the same tower. The Bitlomat 200 enclosure has been carefully designed and manufactured to maximize performance when multiple products are installed next to each other.


  • High performance point-to-multipoint TDMA protocol
  • Advanced QoS and SLA enforcement with guaranteed throughput provisioning per CPE
  • Easy to use Web-based GUI
  • VLAN, BGP, OSFP and Multi-SSD native support
  • Software Open Extendable Platform through command line interface
  • Future-proof support for beam-forming technology
  • Premium customer support for networks design and troubleshooting
  • Built-in email notifications
  • Integrated high gain 20.5 dBi sector antenna
  • 90 degrees antenna beamwidth
  • Metal back plate with metal flap for co-location interference mitigation
  • Disruptive price point
  • Quick installation with no need to connect the antenna with coax cables


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