Siklu EtherHaul(TM)-710Tx - 70 GHz Gigabit Wireless Bridge

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Product Description

Siklu EtherHaul(TM)-710Tx - 70 GHz Gigabit Wireless Bridge

Interference-Free Ethernet Everywhere

The EtherHaul(TM)-700 wireless bridge series delivers cost-efficient, interference-free, Ethernet connectivity. Operating over the uncongested lightly-licensed E-band, the point-to-point radio link is easily deployed on any street furniture or rooftop.

Easy Spectrum Acquisition in Urban Areas

The 5000 MHz-wide 70 GHz spectrum is uncongested, even in dense urban areas. The combination of abundant spectrum and high-gain, pencil beam antennas guarantee channel availability everywhere, and maximize spectrum re-use. The E-band also has low licensing fees and quick acquisition procedures.

Robust & Futureproof

The all-weather IP67 sealed radio guarantees carrier–grade performance under even the harshest weather conditions. The combination of high capacity and low latency, along with the integrated switch and extra ports enables deployment in ring, mesh or extended cascading, with fewer aggregation units needed. The EH-700 also incorporates. The EH-700 assures flawless critical services delivery at any weather condition due to prioritized payloads with 8 levels of carrier-grade QoS, synced with hitless adaptive modulations.

Wide Range of Applications

  • Video surveillance connectivity (CCTV)
  • Wi-Fi hotspot backhaul
  • Business and residential broadband
  • Campus connectivity
  • Mobile backhaul


  • 2x EtherHaul-710Tx PoE ODU with Integrated antenna- with 700 Mbps rate upgradeable to 1G
  • 2x mounting kit for EH-600 ODU with integrated antenna
  • 2x upgrade from 700 to 1000 Mbps
  • 2x PoE injector 60 W (100 - 240 AC source, EU AC cable)


  • Frequency & duplexing: 71 - 76 GHz, TDD
  • Channels: 125/250/500 MHz wide, 32/16/8 non-overlapping channels
  • Modulation & adaptive rate: up to QAM64, up to 5 level of hitless adaptive bandwidth, coding and modulation - boost gain by up to 25 dB
  • Throughput: Aggregated throughput up to 1000 Mbps
  • Link budget (BER=10-6): Including 1 ft antenna gain: 176 dB
  • Interfaces: 3x GbE copper ports
  • Encryption: AES 128-bit and 256-bit
  • Topologies: Ring, daisy-chain, mesh
  • Power supply: PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at), 26 W without PoE-Out; up to 78 W with PoE-Out
  • PoE-Out: Port 2 and Port 3 (IEEE 802.3at): 26 W + 26 W, 40 W + 13 W or 50 W + 0 W
  • Operating Temperature: -45 °C to +55 °C (-49 °F to +131 °F)
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Dimensions: ODU + 1 ft antenna (Dia. x Depth): 12.2" x 4.3" (31 x 13 cm)

Ethernet Features:

  • IEEE 802.1d transparent bridging
  • VLAN & VLAN stacking, 4K VLANs
  • MEF 9, 14 and 21 compliant Ethernet services
  • Smart Pipes Transparent Ports Mode
  • Link aggregation: LAG and LACP (IEEE 802.3ad)
  • Ethernet Ring Protection Switching: ITU-T G.8032 ERPS
  • Link state propagation
  • 16 KB Jumbo frames
  • Configurable QOS-aware forwarding
  • 8 level H-QoS with multi mapping options: L2: 802.1p, VLAN id., L21/2: MPLS EXP, L3: DSCP

Management & Provisioning:

  • In-band, out-of-band management
  • Web GUI (one-click configuration of local and remote units) & embedded CLI
  • Link OAM & Connectivity Fault Management (CFM): IEEE802.3ah & IEEE802.1ag; performance monitoring: ITU-T Y.1731
  • IPERF TCP/UDP capacity tester


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