NanoStation LOCO Kit 900 MHz - 4 Pack

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Product Description

NanoStation Kits

Shielding designed for the Ubiquiti 2/3/5 GHz NanoStation.

  • Lower noise floor
  • Cleaner signal
  • Superior signal to noise ratio
  • Less wireless retries and errors
  • Higher sustainable air rates
  • Up to 50% increase in performance

4-PACK - contains four kits.


Fits the following Ubiquiti radios:

  • LOCOM9 - NanoStation M9 LOCO

Reduces unwanted RF energy from the back, sides, and top outside the designed
beam width from reaching the antenna and radio keeping the radio focused on signals only from the desired coverage area. The kit will NOT
increase the gain of the antenna, however it will lower the noise floor
providing a much cleaner signal allowing for higher sustainable air

The kit can be mounted to a pipe via U-Bolt,
or attached directly to a flat surface with screws eliminating the need
for any other mounting hardware.

This kits is extremely useful in
reducing or even eliminating noise from within the customers building
from microwaves, baby monitors, portable phones, and even their AP.
Made from marine grade aluminum.

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