Bundle CuBox Pro i2eX, 1 GHz DualCore, 1 GB RAM, incl. Wi-Fi, PSU, SD Card

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Product Description

Bundle SolidRun CuBox Pro i2eX, 1 GHz DualCore, 1 GB RAM, incl. Wi-Fi

The smallest computer in the world – the ultimate in sexy

Put your laptop away. At 2 x 2 x 2, the CuBox-i is the worlds smallest computer EVER. With its sleek and elegant design, the CuBox-i easily blends into your home or office décor. Youll hardly notice it, but when you do, youll love the way it looks.

Green & Quiet

CuBox-i has a low carbon footprint and is extremely power efficient, working silently with no moving parts.

Open Source

Loaded with open source SDK, the CuBox-i mini computer can be used for multiple embedded usage scenarios.

Simple & Elegant

This simple but elegant 2x2x2 inch mini-computer comes with a minimal price tag.

Always Connected

Wired or wireless, CuBox-i can stream, play, serve, and cast a wide variety of multimedia.


Based on SolidRuns micro-SOM technology, CuBox-i models have scalable ARM processor cores, memory size, GPU cores and other options, stretching them from simple to demanding tasks.

Infinitely Flexible

Unlike single function products, CuBox-i is totally flexible. You can install Android or Linux, Python, Perl, compilers, IDEs, and media players.


  • Android Box
    Combine the slick design and feature-rich specs of the CuBox-i with the huge variety of available Android applications – including media, browsing, e-mail and gaming – and you get the best big-screen Android experience. Use it at home, in the office or virtually anywhere.
  • XBMC Media Center
    XBMC is the best media center experience in the smallest available package. Turn any TV into a smart TV by connecting it to the internet and stream content from the web or from local storage devices.
  • Thin Client
    Lower your IT costs and improve security with the ultimate thin-client mini computer. SolidRun's high performance, low-cost solution runs on extremely low power and allows fast server connection.
  • Digital Signage
    The CuBox-i enables you to deliver your marketing message clearly at a minimum cost.
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
    High performance, fast networking and advanced local storage technology make the CuBox-i an excellent choice for NAS server solutions.
    MPD JukeBox
    Stream your music instead of playing CDs and store all your tracks in one central place.

Scope of delivery:

  • SolidRun CuBox Pro i2eX
  • 200 V power adapter
  • 8 GB Transcend microSD card


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