LPAMM-BC3G-26-3SP, Magnet 2x2 MIMO G/3G/4G/5G

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Product Description

LPAMM-BC3G-26-3SP, Magnet 2x2 MIMO G/3G/4G/5G

The compact, robust low-profile housing is weatherproof and contains two antenna elements with effective isolation and correlation covering all current global cellular and LTE bands in freq. range 698-960/1710-3800MHz. The LG version includes an active GPS/GNSS/Galileo/Beidou antenna for applications which require position or timing function.

The antenna can be fitted on a non- conductive panel if required* and offers easy, quick, secure and weatherproof installation with the single hole mounting bush and acrylic adhesive sealing pad. Supplied with integrated 3m (10) cables and SMA plug connectors, the antenna will offer plug and play connectivity with many different terminals.


  • Low profile and weatherproof housing
  • 2 x 2 MiMo Cellular/LTE and optional GPS/GNS
  • Robust and cost effective M2M and IOT solution
  • Magnetic mount


Electrical Data

  • LTE Frequencies: 698-960/1710-3800MHz
  • Global Positioning: No
  • LTE MiMo: 2x2
  • Max Input Power (W): 20
  • Pattern: Omni-directional
  • Ground Plane Independent: Yes
  • Cable & Connector: 2x 3m RG174 SMA Plug (m)
Mechanical Data
  • Available Colour: Black
  • Length (mm): 150
  • Width (mm): 45
  • Height (mm): 61
  • Operating Temperature: -30/+70°C
Mounting Data
  • Mounting Type: Magnetic
  • Mounting Method: Magnetic Mount


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