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RKA-10-AS3-CAX-X1 - Welded 10 or 19 cabinet. IP30, capacity 20 kg

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Product Description

RKA-10-AS3-CAX-X1 - Welded 10 or 19 cabinet. IP30, capacity 20 kg

Each cabinet allows the installation of 10" (10 U horizontally) or 19" components (5 U vertically). When the network must be enlarged, then it is not necessary to change the infrastructure. It is enough to reconnect the current cabling. All this makes the cabinet to become a perfect solution for all small and mid-sized installations (SOHO solutions). The cabinet is offered in three different depths which cover basic dimensions of active components, which are also intended for such solutions.

Rigid construction

High quality workmanship and up-to-date technology ensure a perfect look of the cabinet.

Flexible door opening

The hinge system allows convenient access.

Door lock

Locks the cabinet safely and protects the installed devices.


The cabinet has a glass door by default. It can be steel or perforated if required.

Adjustable assembly frame

The installation 10"/19" frame can be adjusted within the inside of the cabinet and can be fitted into pre-arranged positions.

Breakout-type blanking panels

Cable openings covered with breakout-type blanking panels are located at the top, bottom and rear part of the cabinet.

Supply includes:

  • 2x front door keys
  • 4x screws 6x50
  • 4x washers 6,6
  • 4x wall plugs 10
  • 8x captive nuts M6


  • Safety hardened glass 4 mm thick
  • Steel sheet


  • 570 x 310 x 260 mm


  • 10"/19" wall mounted cabinet with IP30 protection
  • Cabinet is to be installed on a wall
  • Cabinet includes adjustable frame for device installation
  • Cabinet construction: Compact welded cabinet; Safety hardened glass door, thickness 4 mm
  • Max. permissible load of the door is 10 kg
  • Min. thickness of the surface finish is 65 µm
  • Cabinets are intended for installation of data and telecommunication devices and their distribution systems
  • The frame of the cabinet and all the removable parts (side and rear covers, doors) are bonded
  • with patch cables that have to be properly fixed and inserted into connectors throughout the period of use of the cabinet
  • There is one M5 screw placed at the side wall of the cabinet to connect the grounding
  • Cable openings covered with breakout-type blanking panels are placed at the top and bottom part of the cabinet's rear side, others are at the top and bottom side of cabinet


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