Knock-Down 19" Standing Cabinet, Load 400 kg, 47 U, 800 x 1100 mm

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Product Description

Knock-Down 19" Standing Cabinet, Load 400 kg, 47 U, 800 x 1100 mm
Model: RZA-47-A80-CAX-A1

Bolted knock-down cabinet with single glass door, IP20 and a load capacity of 400 kg.

Removable Parts

Individual RZA parts are bolted together to form a compact unit with the same maximum loading capacity as a welded cabinet. Most of the parts are joined by Taptite thread-forming screws. This ensures a very high rigidity of the bolted connection even after being disassembled any number of times. The cabinet is delivered fully assembled and can be moved to difficult to reach places after partial or complete disassembling.

Flex Frame

(For 800 mm wide cabinets) This system enables sliding vertical rails to be installed in intervals of 19", 21" and 23", just as needed for the used equipment.

Breakout-Type Blanking Panels

Entry openings for cables (370 x 90 mm) in the rear part of the cabinet are covered with breakout-type blanking panels. To avoid dust penetration, it is possible to seal the cables at the entry opening by a brush strip or only mount a plastic protective frame (both supplied with the cabinet). A large opening in the top covered with a breakout-type blanking panel enables mounting and removal of a Triton fan unit from outside of the cabinet without the need of using screws.

Removable Side Panels and Rear Cover

RZA has a bolted frame and removable side panels. These are standardly fixed to the frame using a lock with the same key as the door and rear cover.

Rugged Construction

The RZA has a robust bolted construction. High-quality workmanship and up-to-date technology ensure a perfect look of the cabinet.


  • Height 2194 mm x width 800 mm x depth 1100 mm

Supply includes:

  • 2x key - rear and side panels
  • 2x key - front door
  • 16x captive nut M6
  • 1x blanking panel with brush
  • Edging tape 1 m
  • 4x adjustable feet
  • 4x nut M10


  • Safety glass, tempered, 4 mm thick
  • Deep drawn sheet steel


  • 19" free-standing cabinet with IP20 protection
  • Cabinet includes 6 sliding vertical rails for device mounting
  • Cabinet construction: Welded steel frame with removable side panels, double glass door in variants fully-metal, perforated (80 % and 86 % air permeability) or glass door with safety tempered glass 4 mm. They can be on the front or back of the cabinet.
  • Max. permissible load of the door is 20 kg
  • Cabinets are intended for installation of data and telecommunication devices and their distribution systems
  • The frame of the cabinet and all the removable parts (side and rear covers, doors) are connected with grounding cables that have to be properly attached and inserted into the connectors at all times while using the cabinet
  • There is one M8 screw placed at the bottom part of the cabinet as a grounding point
  • Cable openings covered with break-out blanking panels are located in the top and the bottom part of the cabinet


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