19" Data Center Cabinet, 42 U, 600 x 1200 mm

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Product Description

19" Data Center Cabinet, 42 U, 600 x 1200 mm

Model: RDA-42-L62-CAX-A7-GDA

The data center version of RDA cabinets combines the high loading capacity with the requirements specific to this type of installation. Cabinets are ready for assembly into larger units and the installation into hot/cold aisle containments.

Loading Capacity 1800 kg

The RDA data cabinet has a reinforced construction and is made of thicker material. The 19" vertical rails are also designed for a higher loading capacity. A version with a depth of more than 800 mm has a central pair of vertical rails as a standard solution.

Ready for Containment Installation

For mounting the hot or cold aisle roof, the data center version of RDA has a modified front without the beveled edge typical for Triton cabinets. Models designed for data centers are labeled A3 and A7. Model A7 also has cable entries in the frame for patching cables between racks secured by blanking panels.

Hook-on Hinges

Triton's standard door hinges can be replaced by the new hook-on alternatives. The door can be taken off, which allows an easy installation and configuration of all installed equipment. These hinges are fully compatible with previous versions.

80% Door Perforation

RDA is a cabinet designed for mounting servers and other active elements that requires good cooling. Therefore, it is most often supplied with a perforated front door. The rear doors are usually also perforated and double-winged. By taking the door off its hinges, one has comfortable access for installation and maintenance of installed equipment. PATENT: PUV 2012-26481.

Joining of Cabinets

The RDA cabinet is equipped with mounting holes for easy joining. It can be combined with standard Triton racks (RMA, RZA).

19" Vertical Rails

The 19" vertical rails designed for equipment installation are freely adjustable in the entire depth of the cabinet. A cabinet deeper than 800 mm has an additional central pair of vertical rails as a standard solution.

Power Distribution Unit Inside of Cabinet Frame

19" power distribution units by Triton can be mounted into the corners inside the cabinet using the supplied brackets. That way, they do not take up valuable space for other equipment.

Opening for Cooling Air

In the bottom of the cabinet, there is a large opening for cable entries and cooling air from beneath the raised floor. These RDA models (A3 and A7) are placed directly on the floor without leveling feet.

Multi-point Locks

Together with the screw-fastened side panels, Triton's multi-point lock mechanism increases the safety of installed equipment.


  • Height 1970 mm x width 600 mm x depth 1200 mm


  • 19" free-standing cabinet with IP20 protection
  • Cabinet includes 4 sliding vertical rails for device mounting (6 rails for cabinets deeper than 800 mm)
  • Cabinet construction: Welded steel frame with removable screw-fastened side panels; Single or double doors either fully-metal, perforated (80% air permeability) or glazed with safety tempered glass 4 mm. They can be on the front or back of the cabinet; Preparation for installation of 19" power distribution units to the frame; Preparation for joining the cabinets together; Preparation for hot/cold aisle containment and sliding door installation
  • The maximum recommended load of the cabinet is 1800 kg, maximum load of the door is 20 kg
  • The racks are designed for installation of data and telecommunication equipment and distribution systems
  • The frame of the cabinet and all the removable parts (side and rear covers, doors) are connected with grounding cables that have to be properly fastened and inserted into connectors during use of the cabinet at all times
  • There is one M8 screw placed on the bottom part of the cabinet to connect the grounding
  • Cable entries covered by blanking panels secured by screws are located in the upper cabinet part


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