1:8 PLC Splitter SC/APC 900UM 1m Stahlbox

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1:8 PLC Splitter SC/APC 900UM 1m Stahlbox

Fiber optic splitters are used in FTTH networks in which the Internet is delivered to customers via fiber optics. It is routed from the server room to the client device without changing the transmission medium. The special feature of this technology requires that the signal is distributed to the clients without additional active devices.

Splitter PLC with balanced 1:2 power distribution with both input and output connectors. The compact steel box housing allows easy installation in switches and fiber optic couplers.

The splitter is based on a thin 0.9 mm pigtail cable, which allows easy installation in various types of organizational structures.

The product is packaged in blister packs to prevent the cables from tangling.


  • Length: 1 m
  • Number of splinter tips: 1x8
  • Fibre standard: G.657.A1
  • Cable diameter: 0.9 mm
  • Splitter technology: PLC
  • Type of splitter housing: Steel box
  • Wavelength: 1260-1620nm
  • Max. Insertion loss (dB): ≤4,1
  • Uniformity (dB): ≤0,8
  • Return loss (dB): ≥50
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