KFOB-C - 4 Button Remote Control

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Product Description

KFOB-C - 4 Button Remote Control

The KFOB-C by POPP is a 4-button remote control with Z-Wave controller function. You can switch devices such as lamps, shutters or switchable sockets or complex – via control center defined – scenes.

The KFOB-C could be used as primary controller and secondary controller as well. In primary mode, devices can be connected to the POPP remote control. Once a device is added to the KFOB-C, it checks the device type (switch, dimmer, shutter...) and assigns the buttons with correct commands.

In secondary mode, the KFOB-C works via Z-Wave control center. Thus, it is also able to control complex pre-defined scenes (e.g. all-off or a special light atmosphere).

With the battery-operated POPP remote control, you can control your smart home from everywhere at home. Using the KFOB-C remote control is as simple as using a radio car key – and thereby equally compact, so that it fits to any key ring. Thanks to its robust sliding cover, the KFOB is prevented against involuntary touches of the buttons.


  • 4-button remote control
  • Buttons can be assigned freely (as single buttons or button pairs)
  • Direct device connection (controller function)
  • Scene control (only) via Z-Wave gateway
  • Use as simple as an ordinary radio car key – but much more versatile
  • Smooth and robust housing
  • Sliding cover prevents involuntary touches of the buttons
  • Supports security command class
  • Longer battery life, due to optimized energy management
  • Power supply: 1x CR2032 battery (inclusive)
  • Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus
  • Dimensions: 55 x 30 x 15 mm
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