RAC-PO-X82-XN - Universal Base for Free-Standing Cabinets, 800 x 1200 mm

Deliverytime: 7 - 9 working days (Mo-Fr) *
144,45 EUR
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Product Description

TRITON RAC-PO-X82-XN - Universal Base for Free-Standing Cabinets, 800x1200 mm, 400 kg load capacity

The base is fully universal, which means that it is usable for all
types of free-standing cabinets except ROA, RDA, RDE and RSX. The
base consists of two side panels which correspond to the depth of the
cabinet, and two cover panels (front and back) with a corresponding

Supply includes

  • 2x side base panels with a cable entry (with breakout-type blanking panels)
  • 2x cover with cable openings (with breakout-type blanking panels)
  • 1x cover with a filter
  • 1x anti-dust brush strip
  • Assembly material

The base is delivered dismantled. A second dust filter for the
second cover can be easily ordered later. The base always
exactly copies the ground plan of the cabinet regardless of installation of filter. The base is 120 mm high.

NOTE: The base is
prepared for the installation of stabilisers, which are highly
recommended to use on cabinets with sliding servers.

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