Shelly Plus AddOn

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Product Description

Shelly Plus AddOn is an electrically isolated sensor interface for all Shelly Plus relays. Use the Add-on to measure temperature and humidity via its 1-Wire ports or connect different analogue and digital sensors for complex automations and higher efficiency.

It can be used with up to five DS18B20 sensors or one DHT22 sensor and has one analogue and one digital input:

  • DS18B20 - temperature sensor (up to 5); Please select the product variant with or without (standard variant is supplied without)
  • DHT22 sensor - if you want to monitor temperature and humidity
  • Power supply DC: 3.3 V (from Shelly plus device)
  • Power consumption: < 0.5 W (without sensors)
  • Shelly Plus Addon supports the following devices: Shelly Plus 1/1PM, Shelly Plus 2PM, Shelly Plus i4/i4DC
  • Temperature display: Depending on DS18B20 or DHT22 sensors
  • Humidity display: Dependent on DHT22 sensor
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