PPEX00000060 - iButton reader, compatible with iButton keys (magnetic/non-magnetic)

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Product Description

iButton reader, compatible with iButton keys (magnetic/non-magnetic)

One of the implemented features for fleet management devices is the 1-Wire data protocol, which enables the connection of iButton. The iButton device is perfect for any application where AVL data needs to travel along with a person or object identification.

iButton is a fleet management tracking solution in the following cases:

  • Driver authorization – gives ability to use vehicle only for specific iButton owners and identify which driver is on the road.
  • Immobilizer – without iButton authorization you can not run engine starter and use vehicle.
  • Auto Geofencing – gives ability to know when car leaves customized areas without iButton authorization.
  • Interface: White wire – 1-Wire signal, brown wire - ground
  • Case material: Plastic (polyacetal)
  • Ring material: Ferrite steel with chrome plating
  • Signal joint material: Brass with chrome plating
  • Wire dimensions: 2 wires Ø 0,25 mm2, 40 cm length
  • Fastening method: M12 screw, tape, glue, etc.
  • Operating temperature: From -40°C to +85°C
  • Operating humidity: Up to 70%
  • Supported 1-Wire commands: 0x33 (0x0F) - Read ROM, 0xF0 - Search ROM
  • Regulatory: RoHS certified
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