RF Shielding - Interference Shielding for Ubiquiti AM-5G16-120

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Product Description

RF Shielding OD-AM-5G16-120 - RF Interference Shielding for Ubiquiti AM-5G16-120

  • The shielding is significantly lowering the radio frequency interference from the left, right & backside of the antenna.
  • The product is protecting the signal mostly in the desirable range.
  • Get the best possible signal quality, minimize the amount of network failures and improve the stability of the connection.
  • The device is shielded via a solid stainless steel cover.
  • The antenna is profiling the signal in a narrow range which helps to avoid mutual radio frequency interference.
  • The shielding is bended in 30 degrees in order to get the best protection but also be gently adjusted to respect the 120 degrees working ratio.
  • Thanks to patented click system, the assembly is totally easy and takes only few seconds without using tools.
  • The final design was successfully re-adjusted in accordance to customer requirements.
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