Turris MOX Wi-Fi Add-On (SDIO)

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Product Description

Turris MOX Wi-Fi Add-On (SDIO)

The Turris MOX is a unique modular router suitable for small and medium enterprises, geeks and the households of all users who are aware of the internets risks. Thanks to its secure default configuration, automatic firmware updates and adaptive distributed firewall, the product is very secure. The Turris MOX is also open source – it runs a free Linux operating system (based on OpenWrt) on open hardware. You can buy a Turris MOX as a complete set (Pocket Wi-Fi, Power Wi-Fi and Classic) or build your own. For that you will need the basic set MOX Start which you can expand with one or more modules (MOX B, C, D, E, F and G) and add-ons (MOX Wi-Fi add-on (SDIO), MOX Wi-Fi add-on (mPCIe) and MOX PoE add-on).

Key features of the MOX Wi-Fi add-on (SDIO)

If you add the MOX Wi-Fi add-on (SDIO) to your MOX Start set, you will get a Wi-Fi router with Bluetooth support.


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