Meteohub Software License

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Meteohub Software License

Meteohub is a miniaturized weather server. With the software you can record weather data from your weather station, evaluate this data, draw user-defined weather graphs and upload these via FTP to a web server, upload weather data to Internet weather networks and export recorded weather data in WSWIN or WD format.

Meteohub supports a wide range of weather stations. It records their
data continuously and transmits the information to the Internet, no need to turn on your PC. Do the environment and your energy bill a favor, let Meteohub do the weather server work instead of your power-hungry PC!

Meteohub works completely browser-based. To configure or control
Meteohub you do not have to plug in a keyboard or monitor to the
Meteohub server. Meteohub only has to be connected with your router. For that you can use a LAN cable or a WLAN connection and you will be able
to access Meteohub with your browser, either from your PC/Laptop at home or from an internet café on the way.

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