Televes TURMS180-265 - Antenna Mast, Height: 26.5 m

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Televes TURMS180-265 - Antenna Mast, Height: 26.5 m

With this Televes antenna mast, there are no more limits in antenna
installations. The mast guarantees a high resistance to wind and weather due to its anchoring. The modular connection system allows you to
easily expand your mast any time. (ATTENTION: Additional anchors are

Now Televes launches the renovated Tower Mod. 180 that is based on a new concept of design and manufacturing, resulting in a
considerable improvement in its torsional rigidity. All the effort in
engineering provides the installer a bigger ease of handling and
assembly, as well as a greater resistance of the tower at different
heights, thanks to the new distribution of its lattice.

  • Change of the lattices structure, which increases strength and torsional stiffness.
  • Better protection of the section against rusting, thus increasing the durability of the tower.
  • Made of steel with shiny zinc and bi-chrome coating and RPR.
  • New fitting system that facilitates the insertion between sections.
  • New metric of fine pitch.


  • Steel (different strengths, depending on model)

Package includes:

  • Foundation (inclinable)
  • Base section
  • Top section
  • Metal ring
  • Anchor
  • Wire ropes


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