TRITON RXA wall cabinet (RXA-12-AS4-CAX-A1), 12 U, 400 mm

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Product Description

TRITON RXA wall cabinet (RXA-12-AS4-CAX-A1), 12 U, 400 mm

The RXA wall cabinet represents the so-called "flat pack" design, which means a dismountable cabinet that is also supplied disassembled.


The "flat pack" concept reduces transport and storage costs. Together with the unique design, it contributes to an attractive price while keeping all functional features.


Thanks to the unique design, mounting the RXA is a matter of only a few minutes and requires almost no tools (Thorx T25). The individual parts are connected by plastic plugs.


These cabinets are supplied with a lockable full-glass door only.


The included pair of vertical 19" rails can be adjusted in the front part of the housing in predefined positions. This facilitates the installation of the components, as well as the cable management.


There are cable openings in the upper, lower and rear part of the cabinet which are equipped with break-out panels.


  • 12 U (H x W x D): 580 x 550 x 400 mm



  • Dismountable 19" wall cabinet with IP 30 protection, supplied disassembled
  • The cabinet is to be attached directly to a wall
  • The cabinet includes two adjustable vertical rails
  • Cabinet construction:
    • The cabinet consists of parts joined by plastic plugs
    • Glass door: 5 mm strong safety glass
  • The cabinets are intended for the installation of data and telecommunication devices and their distribution systems
  • All
    parts are connected with grounding cables that must be properly
    fastened and plugged during the entire service life of the cabinet
  • One M8 screw is located in the bottom part of the cabinet as an main grounding point
  • Cable
    openings with break-out covers are located at the top and at the bottom
    of the cabinets rear panel, as well as on the top and bottom panel of
    the cabinet


  • 2x Top panel AS4
  • 2x Side panel (12U)
  • 1x Back panel (12U)
  • 2x Vertical rail (12U)
  • 1x Glass door (12U)
  • 1x Lock (2x plastic washer + plastic handle + mounted lock)
  • 2x Hinges
  • 1x Grounding label
  • 1x TRITON label
  • 1x Nut M8, DIN 934
  • 3x Nut M5 with integrated serrated lock washer
  • 2x Serrated lock washer 8.4 Zn, DIN 6798 A/VZ
  • 4x Self-tapping screw DIN7500C Zn, cylinder head THORX M5x12
  • 37x Plastic plugs
  • 3x Grounding cable 27ZK-27k M5 (ring lug - connector)
  • 1x Grounding cable ZK-32M5 (ring lug - ring lug)
  • 2x Front door key


  • Hardened, 5 mm thick safety glass
  • Sheet steel
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