RMS LICENSE - RMS licence (single) for management / data package

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Product Description

Teltonika RMS Licence (single) for Management / Data Package

Teltonika Networks Remote Management System (RMS) is a user-friendly all-in-one IoT platform that provides a smart way to keep your entire networked solution under control completely remotely, securely and reliably. To meet the needs of different users completely remotely, securely and reliably. To meet the needs of different users.

Centralised system
Access, monitor and control the entire router fleet from a single web browser-based interface. It is compatible with all platforms and requires no installation or additional plug-ins.

Firmware and configuration updates
Deploy the desired configuration template or new firmware version simultaneously to multiple units or groups of units. Over-the-air bulk upgrade and configuration significantly reduces system maintenance costs. (RMS Management)

Maintenance and diagnostics
Users receive information that helps them visualise the unit's location and check performance indicators such as temperature, signal strength and all unit details. For proactive diagnostics - remotely reboot devices, download troubleshooting or download event files for detailed health analysis. (RMS Management)

Improve the overall performance and efficiency of your entire network based on the results of reporting tools that allow you to create custom reports related to device availability, performance and exceptions. Actively know how your network is performing. (RMS Management)

Accessibility and security
Your routers are not reliant on having a public IP address for remote access, reducing maintenance costs and increasing effectiveness. Communication between routers and the main server is secured by a hard-coded OpenVPN connection that requires no configuration and protects the communication channel from tampering. (RMS Connect / RMS VPN)

RMS Management

  • RMS MANAGEMENT gives you full control over your Teltonika fleet
  • Networks routers and gateways and ensures their security and availability
  • RMS offers many functions to save your time and costs in management
  • everything remotely - even without public IP

Please note: For monitoring / connecting a router / gateway you need one RMS single licence per month OR a device bundled management licence over 5 or 10 years.

RMS Connect / RMS VPN

RMS CONNECT is a unified access system that allows you to reach and control intelligent devices remotely via RMS. Whether your PLC, industrial PC, CCTV camera, point-of-sale system or other intelligent device is accessible via an RMS-compatible router or gateway, you can access it with RMS CONNECT without public IP or additional VPN services!

We know how agonising it can be to manage large networks with multiple devices. We developed RMS VPN to provide the easiest way to set up VPN connections to your entire infrastructure. Now you can easily and remotely Reach multiple endpoints securely at the same time without having to worry about configuring different protocols dedicated VPN servers. RMS takes care of all this for you.

Please note: Data volume is required to use RMS Connect / RMS VPN. When you register for the first time with RMS, you will receive 5 GB of data volume. For additional volume, you can use 1 RMS licence for 2 GB volume each or the device-bound 150GB volume package from Teltonika.

With an RMS single licence you can:

- manage a router / gateway for one month-
receive 2 GB data volume for the use of RMS Connect / VPN

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