APU3D4 DualRack Bundle - 2x Boards, 2x PSUs, 19" DualRack Enclosure, Intel i211 NIC

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619,59 EUR
Available options:
HDD bracket
mSATA modules
SATA cables
SD cards

Product Description

PC Engines APU3D4 DualRack Bundle - 2x Boards, 2x PSUs, 19" DualRack Enclosure

Cost-efficiency through a space-saving and power-saving network component.

The APU3D4 19" DualRack Bundle

Thanks to its modular architecture, this hardware enables you to use it for more than 50 different applications in the field of embedded devices, like broadband management, security applications (firewalls) and routing. The board can also be deployed for multimedia applications as well as WLAN access points or VPN gateways.

APU3D4 is compatible with Mikrotik OS, PC Engines, Zeroshell, m0n0wall, openthinclient.

The DualRack Enclosure

As a high-quality and modular 19" rack system, the VARIA 19" DualRack system offers compatibility for PC Engines APU boards. Optionally, further hard disks, fans, Wi-Fi components and an internal power supply can be mounted. The high-quality material (galvanized steel with black powdered front panel) ensures the necessary stability and longevity.

Scope of Delivery

  • 19" DualRack enclosure with suitable front panel
  • 2x APU3D4 boards, 3x LAN, 1 GHz, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, IDE, USB, RTC battery
  • 1x fan
  • 2x internal power supplies (12 V, 3 A)
  • 2x power cord sets incl. power cord and suitable connection cables for the connection of the APU board with the internal power supply

The device comes preassembled.


  • CPU: AMD Embedded G series GX-412TC, 1 GHz quad Jaguar core with 64-bit and AES-NI support, 32K data + 32K instruction cache per core, shared 2 MB L2 cache
  • DRAM: 4 GB DDR3-1333 DRAM
  • Storage: Boot from SD card (internal sdhci controller), external USB or m-SATA SSD, 1x SATA + power connector, mSATA is shared with miniPCI express
  • 12 V DC, about 6 to 12 W depending on CPU load, jack = 2.5 mm, center positive
  • Connectivity: 3x Gigabit Ethernet channels (Intel i211 NIC)
  • I/O: DB9 serial port, 2x USB 3.0 external + 4x USB 2.0 internal, 3x front panel LEDs, pushbutton
  • Expansion: 3x miniPCI express (J14 USB or mSATA, with SIM; J15 USB only, with SIM; J16: full miniPCI express, but no SIM, intended for Wi-Fi), GPIO header, optional I2C bus, COM2 (3.3 V RXD/TXD)
  • Board size: 6 x 6 inch (152.4 x 152.4 mm) - same as apu1d, alix2d13 and wrap1e
  • Firmware: coreboot
  • Cooling: Conductive cooling from the CPU to the enclosure using a 3 mm alu heat spreader (included)
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