Cloud Core Router w/ Tilera Tile-Gx9 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 7x Gbit LAN

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Product Description

MikroTik CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+ - Cloud Core Router with Tilera Tile-Gx9 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 7x Gbit LAN, 1x combo port

The new updated revision of CCR1009 is here. MikroTik attempted to combine all the customer feedback and best practice in CCR device manufacturing that they learned over the last three years since the first CCR1009 devices were launched.

Important changes

No switch-chip

The device now features only fully independent Ethernet ports each with a direct connection to the CPU, allowing to overcome previous shared 1 Gbit limitations from switch-chip ports and utilize the full potential of the CPU processing power on those ports.


A single 1 Gbit software interface that has two hardware interfaces - a SFP cage and a Gigabit Ethernet port, allowing you to use any type of connection available to you. The port also allows to switch from one interface to another via software, or in the event of disconnection, providing a new, unique hardware fail-over feature.

100 Mbps SFP support

This is MikroTiks first device that supports 100BASE-LX/100BASE-SX/100BASE-BX fiber modules, as well as standard 1.25G SFP modules.

More throughput

Due to how the ports are connected to the CPU, the new CCR1009 models can achieve higher theoretical throughput.

This unit is equipped with dual power supplies built in for redundancy (if one power line fails, the other one will take over automatically).

The unit comes with a 1U rackmount case and supports a Smart card to store your private key for use in all features that support certificate based authentication. It also includes LCD touchscreen, microSD and a SFP+ port for 10G connections.


  • Product code: CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+
  • CPU nominal frequency: Tile-Gx9, 9 cores, 1.2 GHz
  • Size of RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage type: NAND
  • Storage size: 128 MB
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports: 7
  • Number of USB ports: 1
  • Power jack: 2
  • PoE in: Yes
  • Supported input voltage: 18 - 56 V
  • Voltage monitor: Yes
  • PCB temperature monitor: Yes
  • CPU temperature monitor: Yes
  • LCD: Yes
  • Dimensions: 444 x 175 x 47 mm
  • Operating system: RouterOS, level 6 license
  • Max. power consumption: 34 W
  • Ethernet/SFP combo port: 1
  • SFP+ ports: 1
  • USB slot type: microUSB type AB
  • Smart Card: Yes
  • Storage expansion: microSD
  • Serial port: RS232


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