SK-43DT-PI - 4.3 Inch Resistive Touchscreen Diablo16 Starter Kit

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Product Description

4.3 Inch Resistive Touchscreen Diablo16 Starter Kit

The series of resistive touch LCD display starter kits from 4D Systems for the Raspberry Pi is available in 3 different sizes: 3.5", 4.3" and 7".

The kit allows you to connect to your Pi to program the LCD display for graphics, images, text, sound and data logging.

Main features of the LCD display starter kit

  • DIABLO-16 4DGL graphics controller
  • IDE software 4D Systems Workshop 4
  • Variety of serial commands
  • Power is supplied directly via the Pi

How do I connect my Pi to the display?

First, connect the 4D serial Pi adapter to your Pi board. Then connect the 5-pin connection cable between the adapter and the LCD display. It's that simple.

Contents of the kit

  • uLCD-xxDT LCD display module
  • Serial Pi adapter 4D
  • microSD card, 4 GB
  • Programming adapter uUSB-PA5
  • 5-pole ribbon cable
  • Quick start guide
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