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With the Relay Switch classic electrical installations such as ceiling and floor lamps or fans are integrated into the Z-Wave network and made steplessly adjustable. With the flush-mounted wireless module, almost every smart switch and every electrical device can be steplessly controlled to your needs.
With this Relay Switch you can integrate various switchable, non-dimmable electrical installations (such as ceiling lights, sockets ...) into the Z-Wave network. This makes it possible to switch the connected consumer both wirelessly via Z-Wave, as well as locally using the existing wall switch. In addition, the device has an energy measurement function that can be used to determine the exact energy consumption of the connected consumer.
The existing switch now no longer switches the load directly to the consumer, but only supplies a control signal to the relay, which in turn controls the load. This control is done either via the local switch or via z-Wave. The flush-mounted module works with every series of switches and every design, provided there is enough space in the back box for installation. In large 65mm deep junction boxes this should be the case regularly. In smaller boxes (for example, 45 mm), the possibility of use depends on the required depth of the conventional switch as well as the space requirement of the possibly also located in the box electrical connector.

The compact wireless module is placed in a wall socket directly behind the conventional switch and transforms there virtually every standard electrical installations into a smart installation within a Z-Wave based systems.



  • Z-Wave Plus certified Relay Switch
  • Retrofittable switch for wall box installation
  • Energy measurement function
  • Control lights via App and Z-Wave devices
  • Connect momentary or stable switches for normal switching
  • Automatic overload report and switch off


  • Power: 230V AC 50Hz
  • Maximum load: 2300W resistive load, 10A
  • Z-Wave repeater function
  • Dimensions: 39x42x20mm
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