ISO-BEAM-16 - NanoBeam Isolator Shield

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Product Description

Ubiquiti ISO-BEAM-16 - NanoBeam Isolator Shield

The ISO-BEAM-16 is a cover designed by Ubiquiti. It is made of metal providing additional device shielding. The big advantage of this housing is its easy installation.


  1. Align the bubble level and port of the NanoBeam with the openings of the Isolator Shield, and then insert the NanoBeam into the Isolator Shield.
  2. Align the tabs of the Isolator Shield Ring with the slots of the Isolator Shield. Insert the Isolator Shield Ring into the Isolator Shield until the tabs lock into the slots.
  3. Insert the ball joint mount into the NanoBeam.
  4. Insert the lock ring into the NanoBeam.
  5. Turn the lock ring to secure the ball joint mount to the NanoBeam.

Isolator Shield Compatibility

  • Compatible NanoBeam(R) Models: NBE-M5-16, NBE-5AC-16

Package Contents

  • Isolator Shield
  • Isolator Shield Ring
  • Quick Start Guide


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