GSM Activate 3G GSM Dialler Mini

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Product Description

GSM Activate 3G GSM Dialler Mini

The GSM Auto Dialler Mini can connect to many electronic devices within homes, work, or gardens. A text message or a phone call is sent from the GSM Auto Dialler using GSM technology. Furthermore, customers can use both inputs to monitor two separate devices.

For Example: Customers are alerted by text or phone call when the attached alarm is triggered. They can then text back to switch on lighting, a siren or in some cases reset the alarm.

The GSM Auto Diallers are compatible with all alarm systems. Simply, connect the bell output of your alarm system to the GSM Auto Diallers input. This enables the unit to text or phone when the attached alarm is triggered. To power, customers can connect it with the battery supply of the alarm box.


  • Quad band freq 850/900/1800/1900/MHZ 3G 21oomhz
  • Power Supply Voltage: 9 to 24 volts DC
  • Standard 3G Simcard
  • Dimensions – L100 x W68 x H50mm
  • Signal strength function
  • Stay Active simcard Function
  • Watchdog and self repair function
  • 2 Inputs
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