S30852-H2962-B103 - Gigaset Handset CL390HX Dark Grey

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Product Description

Gigaset Handset CL390HX Dark Grey

Use your phone wherever you need to: Your Gigaset CL390 system can be expanded to include up to four handsets, which can be placed anywhere in your home - such as in the kitchen, upstairs or in your home office. So you'll always have a phone to hand to make internal calls free of charge. We recommend adding the Gigaset CL390HX handset.


General features

  • Connection: Analog
  • Number of telephone numbers (analogue): 1
  • Calls in parallel (analogue): 1
  • DECT standards: DECT, GAP
  • ECO DECT: Autom. reduction of transmission power, radiation-free in standby mode, low energy consumption
  • Features: Big buttons

Audio features

  • Hands-free talking: Convenient hands-free talking (full duplex quality)
  • Hands-free talking handset / base: Handset
  • Adjustable volume: Via Menu, via Boost-Key
  • Number of ringtones: 14

Display features

  • Display type: Alphanumeric b&w illuminated
  • Dimensions (H x W mm): 34 x 37
  • Diagonal spread (inch): 2,0
  • Resolution (px): 96 x 64
  • Jumbo fonts: Yes
  • Display of caller: Display of callers number (CLIP)
  • List of last # missed calls with time and date: 25
  • List of # received calls with time and date: 25
  • Multilingual menu (several display languages): Yes
  • Time / date displayed: Yes
  • Number of languages: 21

Keypad features

  • Illuminated keypad: Yes
  • Easy handling with navigation key: Yes
  • Message indicator key: Yes

Dimensions / Specs

  • Handset, H x W x D in mm: 173 x 52 x 23
  • Handset, weight incl. battery in g: 130
  • Base station, H x W x D in mm: 92 x 121 x 40
  • Base station, weight in mm: 120
  • Charger, H x W x D in mm: 90 x 97 x 35
  • Charger, weight in g: 190
  • Battery type: 2x NiMH AAA
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