WAC52G+ - WAVER SmartONE G Series Router, 500 Active Guests

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Product Description

WAC52G+ - WAVER SmartONE G Series Router, 500 Active Guests

Waver SmartOne is a reliable, high capacity, dual band wireless router with integrated captive portal, advanced hotspot and guest management capabilities. It features an easy to use and manage administration interface that is designed to fulfill the most demanding needs of small and mid-sized businesses in the hospitality industry. G-Series are ideal for small and medium-sized venues that need Gigabit WAN connectivity and superb WiFi coverage.



  • Main CPU/RAM: 900 MHz Quad-core/1 GB
  • Network CPU/RAM: 716 MHz Quad-core/128 MB
  • Buttons: Power on/off, Factory reset, 2.4 GHz radio, 5 GHz radio
  • Activity LEDs: Power, WAN/Internet port, 2.4 GHz radio, 5 GHz radio, Guest port, 4x LAN ports
  • Adjustable LEDs: Logo (intensity), Corner RGB (intensity, color)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Input voltage: 24 V, 0.8 A
  • Dimensions: 286 x 165 x 46 mm
  • Weight: 950 g


  • WAN throughput: 1 Gbps
  • WAN interfaces: 1x WAN/Internet 10/100/1000M
  • LAN interfaces: 4x LAN 10/100M
  • Guest interfaces: 1x Guest port 10/100/1000M


  • Wireless interfaces: Wave-2 dual chain 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz, 1200 Mbps
  • Antenna type: Integrated 360° 2.5 dBi for 2.4 GHz, integrated 360° 2.5 dBi for 5 GHz
  • Maximum Tx power: 19 dBm (at) 2.4 GHz, 22 dBm (at) 5 GHz
  • Wireless chip: IPQ4018
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