The VARIA Credit Account

Your Credit, your choice – buy Credit for your VARIA account and make use of the additional discounts to purchase goods or services with this payment method.

The VARIA Credit Account allows for easier shopping using your Credit balance without the need for further payment methods during future orders.

VARIA Credit offers many possible uses:

VARIA Credit as purchasing budget:
Use your VARIA Credit Account as a guidance and monitoring instrument for your purchases. It thus forms the financial framework for your transactions.

Easy shopping using the Credit balance without further payment methods:
Simply choose your Credit balance as payment method during the ordering procedure.

How to buy Credit:
Credit can be bought in our shop like any other product.
After successful payment, the amount will be activated and appears in your account. It will also be displayed under your shopping cart during the ordering procedure.

Use your Credit to make a purchase
Once you have a balance in your account, you can use it to pay for your order. During the ordering procedure, you have the possibility to use your Credit balance. If your balance is less than the order total, you must choose another payment method for the remaining amount. If the balance is greater than the order total, the remaining amount will be saved for your next order.

How to redeem a voucher
If you have received a voucher via email, you can redeem the amount as follows:

1. Click on the link in the email. If you do not already have a customer account, you will have the possibility to create one.

2. After you have added a product to your shopping cart, you can enter your voucher code there.

Account statement
You will find an overview over your transactions and the corresponding balance at any time in your online account statement belonging to your Credit Account. You can download the statement as a PDF file and/or print it.

If you encounter problems:
In case of any unexpected problems with your voucher, please contact us by using our contact form or calling our service hotline.
Please describe the problem as detailed as possible. Important information include: your customer ID and email address, the voucher code, system error messages as well as the browser you used to visit our site.
The credit will be activated immediately upon receipt of payment.
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